Apr 21

Google under fire from German media tycoon (Advanced)

It seems that everywhere we look these days our freedom to use the internet and the protection of our data security and privacy is under constant attack. These attacks come not just from hackers trying to exploit the latest security bug, but are increasingly the result of strategies implemented by government institutions like the National Security Administration and various technology platforms.

People are slowly but surely waking up to the dangers of the Google virus, or monopolies like them that endanger our sense of freedom, control, privacy, security and choice. The CEO of Axel Springer also recently compared these platforms to viruses.

“With the exception of biological viruses, there is nothing with such speed, efficiency and aggressiveness that spreads like these technology platforms, and this also lends its creators, owners and users with new power.”

Source: BBC Article

Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft are just a few of the companies engaged in this complete data control vision. He went on further in the BBC article to explain how he had been at a conference when somebody asked Mark Zuckerberg how Facebook stored data and protected users’ privacy.

“And Zuckerberg said: ‘I do not understand your question. Those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear.’ ”

I guess if you are happy trading away your security for comfort, then everything is fine but user beware – you are increasingly amongst a declining group – that is increasingly targeted by hackers, technology platforms and governments alike.

 http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=Facebook%2C%20Google&cmpt=qUntitledJust check out this lovely video by an Italian Hacking company that sells it software to various government agencies.

At the end of the day, if it isn’t open source and proven to be secure, don’t use it!