Feb 10

I Remember – Part II (Light)

ID-10054898Another side to I remember, you remind me of, is when we recollect or recall something.

When we recall something, we remember it and then communicate it to other people. There is a little subtle difference though. We don’t say ‘I recall somebody or someone’. For people, we normally use remember. E.g. I met Robert but I don’t remember him very well… or I remember Peter. Not…I recall Robert…or I recollect Peter.

Normally, we recollect or recall events or situations surrounding an event that we communicate to someone now. Sometimes this involves people at these events or in certain situations and we often use I seem to, as far as I can…and I distinctly recall” to add some flavour to how well we remember something. In fact, you can almost think of recalling or recollecting as exactly that, an extra effort to remember and add detail to something.

  • I seem to recall telling you that the invoice was paid last month. (25-40% sure)
  • As far as I can recall, the invoice was paid a month ago(50% sure).
  • I distinctly recall that the invoice was paid a month ago(75-100% sure).

Although remember is possible in place of recall in the sentences above it sounds nicer because we are making an extra effort to remember something particular. When we recollect something, it is a bit like ‘reflecting on or upon something’ and is often followed by a story. Think of your music collection. What were you doing at the time when you bought each CD? What do you recollect? Now you can tell an interesting story about how music influenced you at the time and what you recollect (i.e. your collection of memories).

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Jan 13

I Remember (Light)

This one is for the Germans out there. In this blog, I will aim to address common mistakes from time to time that Germans make with English, so that you understand that you are not alone in your journey to master English. The first one is the difference between “I remember” and “to remind”.

We (people) are often REMINDED of things. (it doesn’t appear in your mind)

People REMEMBER things. (it does appear in their mind)

You (the reader) can remember things, but I (the writer) can only remind you OF SOMETHING.

However, when I say “I remember you” .. I mean that I know you. I am not really thinking of the past.

To think of the past, we say, “I remember when……we went shopping etc etc….”

German people use the same word ‘erinnern – remember/remind’ for both situations.

  1. Ich erinnere dich daran einkaufen zu gehen – I remind you to go shopping
  2. Ich erinnere mich an den Zweiten Weltkrieg – I remember the second world war.

So, when you say ‘I remember me’ – it is incorrect. Just say…I remember when…or I remember the time…etc.

  • REMIND = other people making someone else remember
  • REMEMBER = person doing it themselves
Jan 13

Dealing with Noise Pollution (Light)

In Germany, there are particularly stringent rules with respect to when you can make noise or noise pollution, how often you can celebrate and how loud you can ramp up the volume. Practising a little consideration for your neighbours, monitoring your noise output and being aware of the laws might just ensure you enjoy a little more community harmony. The law generally states that you can’t make excessive noise from 8pm-7am, with no excessive noise allowed on public holidays and on Sunday. During “quiet time” household, garden appliances and machinery are off limits and some states may also still enforce “quiet time” rules from 1pm-3pm or your neighbours might.

If you having a party, you might want to inform the neighbours beforehand and also let them know they can simply ask you to keep it down (the noise) if it is too loud. This way you might avoid a visit from the property manager or the police if someone is annoyed. Another option is to download a sound meter application, which measures your noise output, so you can monitor if your home theatre system is emitting too much noise on a regular basis or how loud it is outside quiet times. Showing a little consideration towards your neighbours might help avoid a lot of problems. Afterall, we can choose where we live but we can’t choose our neighbours.

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