Why learn a language? (Medium)


Sometimes we need a plan to learn a language. We also need to remind ourselves from time to time why we are learning a language, be it German, Chinese, English or any other language. What are the benefits to learning this language? Why am I doing this? What do I want to achieve?

I would encourage all learners of another language to write down or think about ten reasons why you are undertaking this activity and some of the benefits to learning your language of choice. I guarantee that writing them down will seek to reinforce why you are doing it in the first place. It will also motivate you and give you insight into what you want to do in another language and what you want to achieve. Try writing them down in the language you are learning or ask us or someone you know to help you translate your list. Cut your list into 10 parts and then stick the short notes around your home and remind yourself everyday why you are putting the effort in.

Here is a list ( in both German and English) of reasons and benefits to learning German for me, which might get you thinking and started on your list.

1. Weniger Stress für meine deutsche Frau! – Less stress for my German wife!

2. Selbstvertrauen für mich – Self-confidence for me!

3. Ich kann mit Kunden sprechen –  I can speak in German with German customers and prospects (potential new customers).

4. Keine Angst vor Business und sozialen Events – No fear to go to business events and social gatherings where people speak only German.

5. Unsere Kinder können zweisprachig aufwachsen – Our future children, (if we have any), will grow up speaking two languages.

6. Ich kann unabhängiger sein – I can be more independent.

7. Ich kann mit den Freunden und der Familie meiner Frau viel besser sprechen – I can speak better with my wife’s friends and her family.

8. So viele Rechtschreibfehler passieren nicht mehr – I won’t make so many spelling mistakes.

9. Ich kann mehr deutsche Freunde haben. I can make more wonderful German friends 🙂

10. Ich kann E-mails effektiver schreiben. I can write emails more effectively.


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2 thoughts on “Why learn a language? (Medium)

  1. GREAT list! When I was in the process of learning french as a second language, I had to remind myself of a lot of these. It gets discouraging at times, but it definitely is worth it, and I don’t regret one second of the effort that I exerted.

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